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National Event Services have a clear understanding of our role at your venue. As the primary customer service provider we understand the importance of the first and last contact point for the customer. Our entire existence is based on the principal that we will perform our role above and beyond the recognized level to ensure the enjoyment and safety of your patrons and to encourage them to return again and again to enjoy the experience that only your venue can offer.
NES have through vast experience, established the necessary persons and skills to ensure that the venue receives the maximum coverage and service whilst realizing the most cost effective financial budgets.
NES have as part of our team, specialist event controllers who operate our communication rooms and are responsible for radio protocol and dissemination of communications. Our event control team, work side by side with the police and emergency services personnel and are our front line control point for all significant security operations.
In addition, NES can provide our clients with a comprehensive cash collection system. You may also utilize our experienced plain-clothes security personnel, targeting specific licensing issues. Our specialist officers have years of experience and have added a valued service to the overall security operation.

Specialist Equipment:

National Event Services have access to portable walk through magnetometers and hand held scanners and would be happy to assist your venue management with the provision of this specialized equipment as required. NES can also make available an in house two-way communication system, utilizing our extensive range of GP 300 and GP 328 radios. NES staff are also well educated in the operation of the latest camera surveillance equipment and control rooms.
NES would offer these services at the most cost effective rate available, as part of our effort to establish ourselves as an integral part of any venue team.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures:

National Event Services management and supervisors are currently familiar with the procedures and policies associated with the gathering of large crowds into entertainment venues. We understand the dynamics of such crowds and our response to emergency situations is paramount to the success of the venues operations. Our personnel have been exposed to the current responsibilities and priorities associated with the complex issues of crowd management during emergency evacuation procedures and carry this knowledge confidently from venue to venue.
NES will play a key role in the in- house training of all staff in emergency evacuation procedures as the event security personnel will assume the roles of safety wardens and controllers empowered to control the process of emergency evacuation if and when required. NES will be pleased to assist your venue management with the implementation of this most important aspect of our operation. NES have as part of our team experienced fire wardens and occupational health and safety trainers competent in providing ongoing training and workshops to ensure our operation remains the most comprehensive and efficient within the industry.

Security Officers:

All National Event Services staff process appropriate and relevant licenses, vast experience in hospitality, entertainment and public contact environments.
NES have a competent compilation of female officers, capable of addressing female specific issues.
Presentation is of paramount importance to NES, not only for identification purposes but to promote the venue in a positive manner.
NES provide your venue with an incident diary, which can be complimented with a weekly report, documenting in detail all relevant information for future legal reference.
NES provides all our clients with 24 hour customer service. When the unplanned or the unpredictable occurs, NES has the ability to resolve issues immediately, this ability is the backbone of our operation.

Access and Egress:

National Event Services personnel are experienced operatives in the function of pat down, bag and body searches, and the protocol for magnetometer operations. In addition to being responsible for the entire entry and exit procedures for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Stadium, NES have been involved in the 'Mag and Bag' training sessions for the NSW Police Force for the Sydney 2000 games. Our staff are regularly exposed to these procedures enabling them to develop a clear understanding of the sensitive requirements of this particular operation.

Alcohol Management Planning:

National Event Services have established the bench-marks for quality assurance for the responsible service of alcohol and alcohol management principles. NES have as part of our team our own accredited responsible service of alcohol training officer, also a specifically tailored training program accredited and designed for the entertainment industry. We would be pleased to make this service available to your venue. This ensures that all in-house staff involved in alcohol and beverage sales are equipped with the correct training certificates, fulfilling your obligations under the liquor licensing act are strictly adhered too. NES also promote our own open workshops, exposing your staff to the many and varied, sophisticated false identification documents. This hands on approach to alcohol management has proven invaluable to our clients and bar staff alike.

Industrial Relations and Insurances:

Since the introduction of the GST and the ever increasing scrutiny of the Australian Taxation Office, the security industry has been rationalized to exclude cash, non award payments (wages).
National Event Services operate under an approved Enterprise Agreement.
This Enterprise agreement enables NES to supply security and customer service personnel at the one flat hourly rate. NES can then satisfy the majority of cost effective budgets without compromising staff quality and quantity.

NES has extensive Public Liability Insurance which includes Errors and Omissions ($20 million). This encompasses the diverse spectrum of entertainment security, including static guarding, patron protection and crowd control. The coverage insures that your venue or business is protected by any secondary claims due to your security not having adequate coverage.


National Event Services would like to reiterate our intention to become a valuable member of your venue team. We pride ourselves as being the market leader and that we are just not another security provider, but an integral member of the entertainment industry who is responsible for the protection and enhancement of its' profile and reputation.

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