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Public Liability - National Event Services

Policy No. - IA150105147
Insurer - Altiora Insurance Solutions
Occupation - Security company involved in crowd control at entertainment and sporting venues including event staffing, ticket sales, ushers, food and drink waiters and administration staff.
Indemnity - $20,000,000

Inclusions and Initiatives
Standard Operation Procedures - National Event Services are experienced in the development of SOP's, including significant appendixes, Emergency Management, Evacuation Procedures, and Risk Management Issues. The SOP's will be the catalyst to formalize an OCA health and Safety Policy, an Accident Prevention and Reporting Program also the commitment between all relevant parties to carry out such procedures if required.
Risk Assessment - NES will liaise with client Management in the development of a Risk Assessment Checklist, identifying relevant areas and highlighting all significant issues within those areas, from carparks, public walkways, function rooms, jetty's etc.
Incident Reports - National Event Services will provide the client with a comprehensive Security Incident Report. The report will include the documentation of procedures and directives, also all security incidents and issues. This report will be provided on the next working day proceeding the weekend.
Communications - NES have the ability to provide security personnel with the latest in two-way communications, the Motorola GP 328 if required.
Uniforms - All staff supplied with appropriate NES uniform issue, and have at your disposal additional Eventday 'flourecent' vests and jackets, to further enhance the visual presentation. (all inclusive of the quoted flat rate)

All invoices will be forwarded on the next working day after the completion of the event or weekly roster.


National Event Services security/customer safety staff, fulfill the Security Industries requirements in regards to licensing. Beyond these Industry standards, all NES employees have completed or are currently undertaking additional training in the Responsible Service Of Alcohol (RSA).

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